The best slow-brew coffeemaker – Chemex Classic Coffeemaker


I just love coffee! The smell, the sound of coffee being prepared, either manually or by an automatic coffeemaker sends triggers relaxation to enter my whole body. The anticipation of a freshly made cup of coffee can´t be underestimated.

How to make the perfect cup of coffee you might ask yourself? You can do it by using the slow-brew method with Chemex Coffeemaker.

Origin of the Chemex Coffeemaker

The Chemex Coffeemaker was invented and designed in 1941 by the German chemist and inventor Peter Schlumbohm.


The iconic design of the Chemex Coffeemaker has become a style icon since its creation and has its own spot in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The design today is the same as when it was created in 1941.
The hourglass shape and the rest of the design are well well thought through. It is made from non-porous, borosilicate glass and fastened with a wood collar and tie. With the choice of materials, the Chemex Coffeemaker does not impart any flavour to the coffee of its own. The wood collar and tie works as insulation for the user to not burn themselves while pouring hot coffee.

Slow-Brew Coffee – The Brewing Process

Slow-brew is a very descriptive name for making coffee this way. The coffee is made in a slow process with manual actions to produce the best coffee you have ever tasted.slow-brew-coffee -process

It is simple and easy to do if you are not rushing it. The only equipment you need to brew in this way, you probably have already somewhere in your kitchen;

  • one cup,
  • one coffee filter
  • a coffee funnel
  • coffee

Preferably use coffee beans of high quality and grind the coffee yourself.

  • Rinse the coffee filter before use
  • Measure up the required amount of coffee and warm water
  • Slowly pour the warm water over the coffee in the filter in a circular motion, wetting all the coffee and watch the coffee starts dripping into your cup
  • Pour only a small amount of water into the filter at a time. The water should be just covering the coffee during the whole process
  • Be patient and use your time until all the water has been pour into the filter.
  • Sit back with your cup of coffee and enjoy!

If you want to learn more about coffee and the brewing process there are some good books that covers the topic. One book is written by James Hoffman and is called The World Atlas of Coffee. If you are living in Norway there is a book by by Anne Moldvær called Kaffe. Both of these are recommended reading and covers almost everything about coffee.

Slow-brewing with Chemex Coffeemaker

The same method as above is used. However, there are some points to remember:

  • Pr.cup, use 2 dl(metric) of water and 14 grams(metric) of your favourite coffee beans.
  • Use coffee beans you like and grind them yourself. Should be like a sand corns
  • Place the filter into the Chemex Coffeemaker and rinse the filter with warm water to remove impurities.
  • Pour the ground coffee into the filter. Make sure the surface is even with coffee
  • Start pouring 20% of the warm water in a circular motion over the coffee, wetting all the coffee
  • Let the water ” sink” into the ground coffee for 30 seconds
  • Then continue to pour the warm water in a circular motion over the coffee slowly until there is no more water left.
  • Make sure that you do not pour more water than to just cover the coffee at all times
  • The process takes some time. That’s why it is called Slow-Brew.
  • When finished pouring water, take a hold of the Chemex Coffeemaker and slowly twirl the coffeemaker for some rounds.
  • Pour it into your favourite coffee cup, sit down and enjoy!

Where to buy your Chemex Coffemaker

It depends on where you are living in the world. I recommend you to make a search online in your local area for a retailer that has the Chemex Coffeemaker in their inventory. If that is not possible can buy your coffeemaker from Amazon, Bakeren og Kokken to mention some sources to get your own brewer.

If you want additional info about the brewer itself, related products or the history of the brewer please visit their website

Final verdict

If you are a coffee aficionado a Chemex Classic Coffeemaker is a must. You have to have one. It doesn´t need to replace other coffee-making equipment in your home, but it lets you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in your home without big expenses in equipment or commodities.

If you are not that interested in coffee other than you just want one cup at any time and as quickly as possible, or maybe you do not have the time to make coffee by using the Slow-Brew process the Chemex Coffeemaker is not for you.

I highly recommend the product from my own experience. I can´t live without mine. The coffee from the Chemex Coffeemaker is in its own class.



non-porous, borosilicate glass


collar made of wood





  • Easy to use
  • Complete control of the process
  • Low cost
  • Lets you enjoy the brewing process


  • Slow process
  • Risk of burning fingers

22 thoughts on “The best slow-brew coffeemaker – Chemex Classic Coffeemaker”

  1. This is a fabulous article about how to make the perfect cup of coffee. I have often wondered, even when making an instant coffee whether to use boiling water or warm water. I guess having read the article that warm is better.

    The beans should be ground myself. I don’t really understand this concept. Is it because pre ground beans aren’t good quality?

    I think the best coffee I ever tasted was from my parents perculator that they used only for special occasions. I remember the spluttering noise it made and as you say the smell really is fabulous.

    I have not heard of the Chmex Classic Coffee maker but for a decent cup of coffee at an affordable price and now with instruction as to the complete control process I may well purchase this product.

    • Thank you for your comment. I didn’t know of Chemex myself until I started to explore coffee brewing more in-depth some years ago. And then I discovered that I had seen the Chemex brewer several times before.

      Regarding ground coffee, the reason to ground it yourself is that then you will get exactly the result you want yourself. It is like brewing your own beer, you decide the ingredients and how to mix and cook them.

  2. Thanks a lot for the very informative article on the best slow brew coffeemaker…Indeed the process is very simple and easy. The tips you gave on the processes of making a coffee were very easy to comprehend. My aunts intend to start up a coffee business anytime soon …I think she could pick one or two from this article. I will just show this to her. Thanks 

    • That is great news about your aunt intending to start her own coffee business. It is a huge market and I am sure she will make good in the market. I am very pleased that this might help her somewhat in preparing for her startup! Good luck and all the best on her new venture.

  3. Your post on how to make good quality coffee is wonderful. The article made me think of how to make instant coffee. Shall I use warm or boiling water to make it? I am not sure.

    Well, I have tasted a lot of good coffee. According to your review, the coffeemaker coffee in your review is named Chemex. The review, and how you describe how to brew your coffee in the Chemex Coffeemaker, makes me believe it is better than the coffee I have tasted. 

    I appreciate your wonderful review and give you kudos, make sure you keep it up.

  4. helllooo dear, thanks a lot for sharing such amazing content with us all. I was actually doing some research online when I saw this post. It is really a nice article you have here on Chemex Coffeemaker. I am really not a big fan of coffeemakers but I must say that this one will be of great help to my dad lot, so I have already saved this post so I can come back for future reference. Thanks a lot for the information.

    • Thank you for your comment. It seems like your dad would appreciate a Chemex coffeemaker. I am pleased that I have provided a proposal for you to consider for a birthday present or similar.

  5. Hello dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this post with us all on the best slow brew coffeemaker I must say I really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains valuable information one can hold on too. I must commend your efforts in putting up such helpful article I will share this link with like minded people. Thanks a lot. I will definitely follow your blog 

  6. non-porous, borosilicate glass


    collar made of wood




    Hi Roy,

    I really liked your article on this coffee maker. I didn’t know its history and some how I thought that this was actually French.

    This coffee maker looks very nice. Till now I have came across either cheap plastic ones, some that were extremely overpriced. This combines both, it looks nice and comes at a reasonable price.

    • Yes, I also thought it was French when I bought it several years ago and was surprised it was an American product. It has been a nice addition to my collection of coffeemaking equipment.

  7. I love this little coffee maker you have here its very original. I live alone and so these big coffee machines don’t really tickle my fancy hence how i found your post for something more affordable and smaller than lets say a Delonghi machine. You said to use quality grain so that is exactly what i will use when getting this. I really don’t mind a slow process because i work from home so that not a huge issue. I will however have t jot down some of those points to remember because that’s quite a lot.

    My family used to use pods and i thought that was a very plastic way of doing things, i much prefer a more natural way making my coffee in the mornings

    • Thank you for your comment. It is also coming in a smaller size (3 cups) than the one in the review. I also prefer to make coffee without the capsules and pods.

  8. Great article on how to make a great cup of coffee. I used to be kind of a coffee connoisseur but my digestive tract turned traitorous against me. I can take maybe a half cup with lots of cream and one sugar but black coffee will have my paying for it for the whole day. My coffee love began in high school when I was studying for finals. I drank a whole pot of coffee and I got in a study rhythm and got a B+ on my final.

    When I went to college before every oral presentation which there were alot, I would get a 20oz. cappuccino with a shot of espresso dropped in. The barista’s called it a Red-eye. Once the caffeine hit it was all over. The notes I prepared for weeks were thrown on the floor and I would say something like, “I’m going to speak through my heart…” I would give my presentations and they were always funny and entertaining. Word would spread that I was giving a presentation in class and extra people would show up. I always got an A in my presentations, except once I got a B on one…I brushed it off and saw that I got an A….AAAAHHH! Did I get you? I got a B, and I brushed it off and got an A?

    • Hi Courtney. Thank you for sharing your story. Great story and quite funny. I recognize a lot of what you are writing about from my own studies. I didn´t drink coffee until I was about 30 years old. At that time I started to study for my Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) while being in a full job as a Search and Rescue pilot in the national rescue services. I started in the morning at 5 o´clock, studying until 7:30 in the morning. Then after work, I got into the books again from 5 PM until late evenings, midnight or later. 

      The first thing in the morning was to prepare a huge pot of coffee. And the same in the evening. Now I am cutting down, and enjoying a cup of coffee now and then. Usually not more than, 2 or 3 small cups a day.

  9. helloo dear, thanks a lot for sharing such an informative content with us all. I must say the Chemex coffee maker is really wonderful. I got to learn how to prepare coffee with the Chemex brewer. I need to learn how to prepare the coffee beans before brewing with the Chemex brewer. I have already saved this post for future reference, thanks.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am happy to have provided you with information of interest to you. I really hope that you will try the Chemex brewer as it makes some very great tasting coffee. You will be amazed by how good your coffee will taste.

  10. I love the smell of freshly brewing coffee, but unfortunately it gives me the shakes, so I do not drink it. But my husband loves coffee and I normally brew it for him in a little “Italian” coffee maker. The Chemex coffee maker seems to be a far better option for the perfect cup of coffee. 

    So you recommend grinding your own coffee, so would you grind just the amount that you need and use it, or grind more and keep it in the fridge for freshness? I have a friend who swears by keeping coffee beans in the fridge to keep it fresh for longer, so would be curious to hear what you think about it.

    • Line, thank you for your interest. The Chemex Brewer is perfect and easy to use.  When it comes to grinding your coffee and storage, I grind just the amount of coffee I need. The beans I keep in an airtight( vacuum ) container for freshness. It works great.

  11. Hey, Roy! I loved the review. Love the idea of a slow-brew coffeemaker. And at an affordable price – that’s really cool, too.

    The World Atlas of Coffee sounds like my kind of book. I have been on a lookout for something like that but had no luck so far. I will have to look it up on Good Reads. Also, I appreciate all of the instructions you provided. Truly makes this a worthwhile print just to have by one’s side when actually doing the deed. 

    Yeah, I can already predict. It’s going to be a real tasty one. Thank you. Cheers. 🙂

    • Hi, Matiss, and Thank you for your comment. It seems to me that you are a coffee buff like me. I love the whole process using the Chemex Brewer and usually make use of it every weekend. I am also going to get one for our cabin as well. The World Atlas of Coffee is a good book. I have recently bought it.



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