Green Coffee Beans – is it helpful in losing weight

Coffee berries

Coffee made from green coffee beans are popular. There has been a fitness and health craze going on for several years, and there are a lot of natural products in the market that are supposed to help you controlling weight and also performing better when exercising. One of these products is coffee made from raw coffee beans, which is called green coffee. In this article, I will discuss the health benefit of green coffee beans – is it helpful in losing weight.

I am not an expert on this topic, neither a medical professional nor educated in the use of natural remedies or herbs. As such the information in this article is my own opinion of the topic about green coffee beans. If you want to use such a product in diet or reducing weight, you need to seek advice from your physician first.

The article may contain affiliate links to stores that are selling these products. If you decide to buy products or services mentioned herein I may receive a small commission from the sale and you get a good bargain. You decide if you want to buy something and you will pay the same price with or without the links in the article. It is a win-win all around.

Green coffee- what is it and how is it working

Green coffee is normal coffee, but it is not roasted like traditional coffee is. If the coffee bean is roasted, then you will get traditional black coffee like most of us is used to.

The green coffee contains more of the good stuff in the coffee. That means that the antioxidant ( Wikipedia, definition) levels are higher than in black coffee, which is good for your body. The green coffee bean is one of the best sources for antioxidants we have.

As most of us know, antioxidants have the potential to stop inflammation processes in the body and as a consequence stops reactive substances to destroy proteins, DNA, and healthy fats.

Further looking a the health benefits related to dieting, green coffee beans contain amounts of chlorogenic acids. The chlorogenic acid properties stop the excretion of glucose which in turn causes your metabolism to increase.

As a consequence of the increase in metabolism a lot less fat is deposited in your body, which in turn causes the fat burning process in your body to increase.

The effect of the green coffee bean related to less sugar being absorbed by the body also means that you will not experience the same amount of food cravings as before you are drinking green coffee.

Lastly, various studies show that chlorogenic acid in green coffee might reduce blood pressure, both in humans and animals. But it must be done more studies on humans to verify the effect

Weight reducing effects of drinking green coffee

The effect of drinking green coffee has been described in the paragraph above. Some studies indicate that the chlorogenic acids might, as we have discussed earlier in the article, reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body. The chlorogenic acid also influences how what we eat and drink is converted into energy.


The higher amount of caffeine in green coffee also results in an increased rate of metabolism.

Side effects of drinking coffee from green coffee beans

As with regular black coffee, green coffee has some side effects. Coffee, black or green, contains caffeine. Caffeine in high dosages can result in effects such as anxiety sleep disturbances, and increased blood pressure.

It may also affect your bone health if you drink green coffee over a prolonged period of time (long-term). A test done on mice has indicated such an effect.

If you have health issues consult your physician before starting to drink green coffee or start to take green coffee pills.

Enjoying green coffee just as regular coffee

I love coffee and are always on the lookout for good coffee. If I compare the green coffee product I use, Coffee Zero, with other types of coffee I drink regularly, Coffee Zero is at the top with the best of them. The taste is strong, but round without bitterness. It fills the mouth completely and takes you floating away to the origin of coffee if you close your eyes.

Coffee Zero

Taking the health benefits of it into consideration it is a perfect match for a perfect coffee.

Some final thoughts

Green coffee is a popular product and is sold all over the world for its health benefit. You can take green coffee as a supplement each day, by drinking it as coffee or take it as a pill.

Although, there have been some studies done on the effect of green coffee, and if it is helpful in losing weight, remains to be concluded. A lot more conclusive studies must be done on human subjects as the studies that have been completed have been done on animals.

I will just add that I do not condone animal testing in relation to any product.

16 thoughts on “Green Coffee Beans – is it helpful in losing weight”

  1. Hi,

    Although I do not drink or like black coffee, I really enjoy drinking green coffee. I have had it in the form of tea, green coffee tea, and it was very good. It isn’t much available where I live, so the best option for me is to order it online, which I may do again soon. Although I knew about some of its health benefits, I did not know about the origins of green coffee and why it was green. Your post gave a great explanation of that. I also did not know all of the health benefits, so I was very interested in reading your article.

    Very good post! Now I am glad that I love green coffee, lol. It is really good for you 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comment. After discovering green coffee I have a cup each morning. It is my first cup of coffee of the day.

  2. Fascinating article, thanks for sharing! 😀 I have yet to try green coffee beans, but must admit I’m already excited to one day after reading this. The chlorogenic acid is something I was completely unaware of, which definitely spiked my interest (and possibly my metabolism when I try it, right? Lol).

    I wasn’t surprised to read about the potential effects on bone health, however. The reason is that, naturally, green coffee beans would contain much higher levels of antinutrients, which prevent the absorption of bone-boosting minerals like calcium and magnesium.

    The top recommendation would be to ferment the green coffee beans (or even sprout them), and you’ll get all of the benefits and more, with reduced negative effects. Great post!

    P.S. Do you have a link to the study you mentioned?


    • James, thank you for your comment and insight on the topic. It is highly appreciated. Your tip about fermenting or sprout the green coffee beans are new to me. I have written it down and will try it out.

  3. Hi, Nice article and I had forgotten about the health benefits of green coffee-in fact I read it somewhere before but it didn’t lodge in my brain! So thanks for that! Lovely pictures and images that show green coffee beans. I had forgotten that green coffee beans were so good with inflammation and were so detoxifying. You have reminded me to try find them-which might be a challenge in Sicily, Italy! Great site ! 

    • Hi, thank you for your comment on the article. I wish you good luck searching for green coffee. You should, in any case, be able to order it online and having it sent to Sicily.

      Thank you for the heads up on the headline. I will run through the article again with Grammarly.


  4. I’ve been drinking pineapple juice in can here in my country that is infused with green coffee extract, it’s quite expensive that if your goal of drinking is to lose weight and make your body sexy you are expected to spend a considerable amount of money before you can see tangible result.

    Now, seeing an expert here, I’d like to ask you, do you know how many grams of pure green coffee extract is enough to make a person lose weight and trim that excess belly fat in one week?

    I’m asking this because I am estimating how much would it cost me to get rid of this belly fat that refuse to go away.

    • HI Gomer. I can only speak for the product I am using myself, which is called Coffee Zero. It is a product produced and sold in Norway. But it will give you a reference to what you ask for. 

      One pack of Coffee Zero contains 30 sachets of green coffee for one month of usage. Each sachet, which is the recommended daily dose is shown in the table below.

      The effect of Coffee Zero with the green coffee bean extract, usually start to show between 1-4 weeks. You can experience a weight reduction already during these weeks. 

      If you are diligent in drinking one cup of this coffee each day, you will see a weight reduction between 5-8 weeks. You will also experience that the surge after something sweet, will dissipate. 

      Bear in mind though, that this is not a blueprint for everyone. The results and when they appear will be individual. 

      The cost of Coffee Zero is 338,- Nkr which equals approximately 37 USD, which for each equals 1,23 USD pr. cup.

      I think this should answer your question.


      PER 1 SACHET (DD)Arabica coffee powder2000 mgGreen coffeebean extract200 mgCaffeine (natural)30-60 mgChromium120 µg*300%

  5. I have tried green coffee in the past for stomach inflammatory purposes (without knowing about it’s effect on weight-loss) and in just a month I lost over 8 pounds! Sure, a lot of things impacted this change but green coffee definitely had a huge involvement in that matter. I personally prefer traditional coffee (mostly for the taste) but if you’re looking for a weight-loss alternative then green coffee can help you out. 

    • Hi Stephanie. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your own experience with green coffee. It is great that it has helped you with your stomach inflammation. I prefer black coffee myself, but the taste of the product Coffee Zero impressed me and has become one of my favourite types of coffee.

  6. Hello Roy,

    Great post you have here.

    Back home, our folks would boil coffee leaves and unripe coffee beans (green) as herbal drink for joint and back pains, but this is my first time to know of its weight losing effect.

    I’m away from home so I have no access to fresh green coffee. I might as well try Coffee Zero to aid in my weight loss plan…

    Thanks you so much for this article. This is worth sharing.


    • Hi Chuna. Thank you for your insights into the health benefits of green coffee. I didn´t know of the effects regarding relief for joint and back pains. But it could explain that I feel better after drinking green coffee as I have a case of arthritis.

      Will dry coffee leaves have the same effect you describe if you boil them?


      • Ohh, sorry I have not heard or seen from my folks about dry coffee leaves.

        I have no scientific bases yet, but I am now excited to research on this.

        May I also share from my past training on herbal medicines, that some volatile nutrients or medicinal components can be easily destroyed by improper drying and storage. Medicinal herbs should be air-dried, not under the sun.
        And herbs intended for medication should not be boiled in aluminum wares (something about chemical reactions that I could not elaborate here). We may use stainless or enamel or clay pot/pan for boiling.

        Sorry, I’m expanding the topic….

        • This is interesting information, Chuna. I am going to explore this topic further. I have a book made in Norway about herbs and their properties and how to prepare them. Thank you for the additional information. I am glad that you have shared your insights on the topic 🙂


  7. Hello there, Thank you for sharing this article. I know Green Coffee would be of great help to other people as it has been of help to me. For me, I like the taste of Green Coffee, but the product can be quite expensive due to the fact that the majority of people knows only about regular black coffee. As a health product, helping people to lose weight, the risk is that stores are pricing the product high.

    • Thank you for commenting an sharing your own personal experience. The health industry has a tendency to price its products higher than they need, because they know that people will by them anyway. I think that is a bit sad as it makes some products unavailable to those who cannot afford them.


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