About Coffee, Beer and Gadgets

What is Coffee, Beer and Gadgets all about! You guessed it! It is Coffee, Beer, and Gadgets. I am a guy in my 54th year. I love coffee, I love beer and I am just nuts about gadgets. This website is a website about all these three areas, both separately and in combination with one or the other or all three. I will share my experiences from trying out products and using stuff in these categories.

My Story

Since I was a little boy I always wanted to find out how stuff was working. To the grievance of my father, I dismantled his old radio and never was able to get it back together. I tried other gadgets of any kind with more or less success if you can call it that.

Results form the different projects were burned fingers, explosions, burned eyebrows, some broken limbs, and also some real scares when your remote-controlled helicopter or airplane goes out of control and crashes onto the nearest car. Electricity has also been explored somewhat, with different results.


Regarding coffee, I wondered about how it was possible to drink that black, warm stuff that all the grown-ups were drinking. It smelled just heavenly but tasted very bad. I didn´t start to drink coffee until I was in my thirties. I started to drink it to keep awake while studying for my commercial pilot license. After a while, I discovered a whole new world of aromas of taste and smell.


When it comes to beer, I started to drink it going to parties when I was old enough. in Norway, the age where you can buy and drink alcoholic beverages is 18. When I was younger than 18, I tasted something that was called “Tomtebrygg” in my native language. It is a fermented non-alcoholic beverage you make yourself. My grandmother used to make for Christmas as well as my mom. It is very tasteful and goes very nicely together with traditional Norwegian Christmas food

During the last years, I have started to make my own beer. It is an interesting and very rewarding hobby. It results in a lot of social interaction with friends and family and very nice food experiences.

Live life to the fullest

By sharing my experiences and interests in these 3 areas I hope to provide some insight and information about hobbies of mine. By sharing I hope to inspire visitors to coffeebeerandgadgets.com to try new things and explore what life has to give.

I am pretty sure that I will be able to cater a bit for everyone even though the ain part will be exactly what the domain name is all about

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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